2019 Book List!

Follow my friend Nikki. She has lots of great insight into mom life. Love this post with New Year book recommendations.


Hey y’all.. Happy New Year! (I’m 9 days late, but I wouldn’t be my hot-mess self if I wasn’t late at this like I am at everything else! 🙂)  It’s *finally* snowing in West Virginia, so I’m curled up with some hot tea and a blanket ready to tackle this blog thing again! This is my 2nd ever blog post.. which makes me realize what an epic slacker I am, considering I started this blog 6 months ago with the intention on writing a post every week. But I’m gonna refrain from being hard on myself because, #momlife .. and just make a goal to do better this year! As a full-time working mom I’m pretty limited on me-time, but that’s on the resolution list as well. In fact I made a whole list of things I’m gonna kick ass at in 2019.. but let’s rewind a few weeks first!


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Rachel Hollis’s Podcast recommendations

Hey! I’m here to take zero credit for this list.

My girl Rachel sends out emails weekly and they are great. You should consider looking into her stuff. If you are a business minded gal, a mommy, or a goal driven woman you’ll probably enjoy her stuff. In a recent email she sent a few of her favorite podcast recommendations. Check it out.

“I love a podcast because you can learn something new and inspiring while you do something else! I listen to podcasts while I do the dishes, while I sit in traffic, while I walk back from dropping the kids at school, while I travel for business trips… seriously, if I have earbuds in, chances are I’m listening to a podcast. The wisdom found inside my favorite ‘casts has done sooooooo much to help me grow as a woman, a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur and since they’re one of my favorite things to talk about I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you guys. Want to get inspired, get fired up, learn something new, change your mood, change your life?? Check out one of these personal growth podcasts.” Rachel Hollis
Tony Robbins is my hero and his podcast is one of my all-time favorites. It’s a mix of his speeches, his interviews, and his occasional host interviewing people herself. Typically I don’t love when the host isn’t the one actually doing the podcast but the guests are so compelling I’d be interested even if my schnauzer was the one asking them questions! Listen HERE.
Jenna Kutcher is basically everyone’s girl-crush and if you think her Instagram is good, you should check out her Goal Digger podcast! She’s funny and real and her line up of guests is incredible for any of you with a small business. From how to run a Facebook ad to how to grow your email list, she’s got something for everyone. List HERE.
I dig Lewis Howes’ podcast School of Greatness because I get the distinct impression that he’s trying to become a better man in real-time and his interviews are helping him to learn and grow as much as his audience. Becuase he interviews on such a wide range of topics I’ve learned about everything from parenting to business to diet and exercise. Listen HERE.
What’s that? You didn’t know I have a podcast! Well, buckle on up because it’s awesome! In the Dais Podcast, I interview women (and a few good men) who are excelling in their fields. CEO’s and authors and agents and casting directors and even my husband share their wisdom and advice to motivate listeners alongtheir own path. Listen HERE.
This post as copied from a Rachel Hollis email. I take no credit for this post. Rachel Hollis is the author of these words.

Hashtag 1st Blog

Yes another blog.

Yes another Leah project.

Sometimes you get an idea in your head. Sometimes it fades. Then again, sometimes it just continues to grow… and here we are.

Let me explain— Almost two years ago now I had a baby. A cute, almost too good to be true, big Ole 9 lb 1 oz baby boy. It ROCKED my world, and I don’t necessarily mean that in the happiest of ways. Did I love him, Absolutely! (I always feel that I need to throw that in there) but I felt super strange when I expressed to others how much it changed me and how those changes did not always feel so warm and fuzzy. Thankfully in 2017 Facebook and the world of MEMES were alive and well. Like so many other moms we find solace in those blog posts and funny pictures that tell us we aren’t alone. I came across blogs like ‘Scary Mommy’ and Podcast hosts Cat & Nat who hilariously share in the real messy parts of parenthood. #ideabegins

Then, crazy enough, I re entered the world of running. Yes for fun. I know I’m crazy. Can we continue?— Running leads to thinking. 3 miles of thinking. Sometimes I listen to Podcasts and that just makes me think even more. So I start sharing these thoughts with my husband. He suggests a journal. I start writing in a journal. No one can read my thoughts, ugh! Should I Facebook my thoughts? Nah. Facebook is great and all, I do update occasionally, Mainly to post cute baby pictures and mark monumental moments in my life. AKA every time a family dog dies. Ugh again. But no, I just cant be the put all your thoughts on Facebook girl.

So Lets back it up a minute, stay with me… I discovered the world of BEACH BODY prior to my wedding in 2015. I lost around 15 lb preparing for the wedding and at the time was in the best shape I had been in since graduating high school in 2008. I thank Autumn Calabrese every day that I found her before I became pregnant because it taught me to stay some what active during pregnancy and helped me get my act together post baby. I’m now 30 lb under my pre pregnancy weight. There are a lot of days I want to tell you all about my health and fitness life on Facebook, but again, just can’t do it.  Fast forward— due to this life style change I made a year ago, it encouraged me to start running again. Remember… Running = thinking. Thinking that I needed an outlet for all of these thoughts, all of these ideas, ideas that are too good for a journal but maybe an overload for my husband. #ideacontinues

Decision has been made- I’ll start an instagram account and name it MomDevelopment. Yep. Lame. Here is my idea. I’ll post all the cute activities I learned from being a preschool teacher. I’ll tell you how important it is that you stop your child from W sitting right now! I’ll express the importance of consistency and a solid bed time routine with your child. Then maybe you’ll see a few cute shots of my sweet boy. Still doesn’t feel right…

What about a place that I can talk about mom life

wife life?

Life Life?

Health and fitness, cooking and art?


A place to recommend a friends blog? A friends boutique? a friends online side gig?

A place to showcase my photography? even Ambria’s photography?             say what!

A place to highlight a person or place I encounter?

A place to write. Yep.

So I decided to create a place. A non exclusive place to escape. to release. to learn. An Inspired Outlet.

And not just for me. For anyone who needs it.  Let’s face it, this could never be the new Facebook. And honestly I don’t want all the social aspects of Facebook here. But I want you to read my friend Paige’s blog. I want you to hear about all of the cool ideas and recipes Ambria has. I want you to buy an outfit from my friend Jordan’s boutique. I want you to read the vast amount of knowledge that my mom/nurse friends have to offer. I want to have an open outlet for my girlfriends that sell oils and handmade goods. I want you to learn about different types of parenting styles and maybe read something that can change your child’s life. I want you to hear the testimony of a beach body coach or try to aim for a healthy lifestyle. My examples could go on forever, trust me. The options are endless. I hope you’ll join me.

If you would like to write on my page, I’d love to “publish” you. Your platform has no guidelines and your writing has no requirements. Pictures are welcome. Send me your story to inspiredoutletblog@gmail.com